Still serving our local community! All our friends and family from DE, DC, MD, and NoVA! Your safe everyday Garage Door Repair Specialist!

At Capital City Garage Door we want you to know that we are prepared and ready for the times of unscheduled interruptions, and insecurity!

In this time of necessity, and insecurity. We at Capital City Garage door believe in raising each other up as a community and as small business owners. We vow to help where we can. With that said for necessary garage door repairs and emergency replacements all of which are usually unforeseen expenditures we are going to be offering in house 30, 60, and 90 day payment options depending on the type and cost of service. If you don’t have the money today, it’s OK. We believe in good Americans being good Americans and trusting one another by yes, something usually as simple as a handshake. Today your word would be equally as acceptable being that we’re not supposed to be shaking hands.

We ask that you please keep in mind at all times that yes your garage door is in fact the largest opening in your home the largest door in your home and right now your largest physical defense against not only intruders but the outside world right now. It is a huge point of safety for your families and friends.

To reassure all of our current and potential clients we are taking the following measures to ensure you and your families safety as well as our own and our families:

  • All Trucks that we are running right now have a special disinfection bucket. In each bucket you will find gloves, hard surface sanitizer, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, as well as alcohol pads. We will be not only taking all necessary precautions to disinfect ourselves Before & After every visit with every single customer and anything we touch that you or your family members can also touch easily will be thoroughly disinfected to avoid any type of possible cross contamination of anything not just CV but germs and bacteria in general.
  • At no point do we ever need to enter your home. All of the work we do is outside of your home, no need for us to be in any vehicles other than our own, and no, we will not be offended and others please don’t be offended when we all don’t shake hands or pat each other on the back. Right now words mean everything.
  • We are also a paperless company so there is no paper invoice for us to hand to you everything we do is 100% digital, we do not need to touch your credit card you do not need to touch are pens because we don’t have pens! We operate 100% on secured websites and payment processing platforms.

We are running normal business hours as well as still providing 24/7 emergency service at no additional cost when technicians are available. We will not at any point charge additional fees that would not be charged on a normal basis, and again, it’s OK if you don’t have the money today we will explore other payment options that we are extending to all of our customers in-house.

To all of our friends, families, clients new and old, please be safe smart God-bless you.

The Capital City Garage Team