Why We Started It

When we moved and expanded our service area to DE, we started getting a lot of service calls in more rural areas as opposed to the over populated Washington DC Metro community, our birthplace and still our service area. We noticed a larger number of disabled Vets and disabled elderly people.

In these rural areas, Vets and seniors tend to be more isolated. When it snows, the ice is thick and not traveled on much, so it stays around for a long while. Rains also make even warm summer days very slippery. Homes are often way off of the main roads, and sometimes the closest neighbor is a few hundred yards away.

Aid for the People Who Need Assistance

The Elderly

So imagine if you will, a grandmother whose husband passed, but she wants to stay there because she owns the home and she’s lived there 50 years. She had some diabetic complications, and ultimately (and apparently this happens quite a bit) a foot has to be removed.

Could be worse right? Yes, it could be. Her neighbor is an acre away, it just rained and it turned into ice. Plus, she is in a wheelchair. Most of us have the ability to slip and catch ourselves with the other leg, but she can’t. And she needs a few groceries and her monthly prescriptions, which is a quick trip out for most other people. She has never had a job, because her husband was the provider, and she is now on a fixed income. Her 50-year-old garage door finally gave out during the summer, forcing her to park outside—inconvenient, yes, but doable.

She gets in her wheelchair, grabs her walking crutches (with the rubber bottoms), goes out the front door, not her garage door, glides down her ramp, gets to her car, lifts herself using her crutches and the car to stabilize herself the best she can with her balance a bit off--and let’s not forget there is ice. As she is waiting for her chair to go into the trunk, she starts to head for the driver’s side door. She loses her solo footing and goes down on her hip. No one is there to help her get up or check if she is injured.

Our Nation’s Heroes

What about the Veteran who fought for our great nation and was injured while doing so? When he came back from his deployment, he just wanted to live alone, on a little piece of land that his family has owned for generations with nobody around. He might be slightly bitter, unfriendly and too proud to ask for help.

As a Veteran Owned and operated company, we know military men have a certain way of speaking and interacting with each other. When we dispatch a fellow Vet, he has to give the unfortunate news that the spring has sprung, and the door isn’t moving unless it is changed. Well, like the grandmother, he too is on a fixed income, and he cannot afford a couple hundred dollars for a repair. But the tech, who just so happens to be a Vet himself, can say, “Hey, don’t worry about it--I’ll take care of it.” At that point, it’s not charity (which the old timer would never accept) but rather one Vet helping another.

Then there is the young man who enlisted at 18 and got sent overseas to fight. A Humvee rolled over an IED, and he ended up with his life but no lower appendages. His lifelong girlfriend, now wife, also got pregnant with twins before he deployed. He returns home with only Military benefits, a new wife and two new babies. How does he pay for a new garage door opener that his wife so desperately needs while controlling children, driving all around, carrying groceries, etc.?

Then it comes to “Okay everyone load up and let’s go to the commissary then the docs.” But it just snowed, and Daddy is quite large compared to Mommy. If he can’t use the garage to safely get into the vehicle, how does he go? Are the twins going to roll him through the snow? This family doesn’t need anything fancy, just functional.

ALL of these scenarios could have been avoided if they knew there was a program that was supported by their community that would have replaced or repaired their garage doors for them at no cost to them whatsoever. All scenarios can be in their garage away from the ice, or slick surface of any type.

Our Program Helps Those Truly in Need

This is not a program designed to provide unnecessary luxuries to those who don’t absolutely need it, but rather to make it a bit less dangerous for a few deserving members of the communities that we live and work in. Are we handing out fancy belt drive openers, insulated fancy windowed doors, “extra” parts and pieces that are not required for a door to operate? ABSOLUTELY NOT! We are providing and installing the basic and very much needed, quality products to help keep vulnerable people at less risk of life-threatening situations.

What is Donate-a-Door?

In addition to working with Homes for Our Troops, Habitat for Humanity, Pets for Vets and other local donation opportunities, this is our unique way to help strengthen our community and neighbors by helping and empowering them to still be as productive as they can be.

Donate-a-Door is a fund that anyone can donate to. It can be just a donation or part of your service. (It will show as a line item on the receipt). 100% of the donations are put into a separate account, and as a candidate arises that needs a door (nothing fancy, just basic), opener (basic and reliable) or part (if everything else is ok), we use the money to purchase our normal items from our normal suppliers but at a prearranged discounted rate. We also do all of the installation 100% free of charge.

Most people are not too keen on the idea of accepting charity, so all recipients are treated with the utmost respect and provided with full access to us and all warranties, as if they had purchased the door themselves. We are not here to make someone feel less-than because they needed a touch of help, but rather we are here to help uplift them. By allowing them the ability to continue functioning as independently as possible, it makes them feel like they are not burdening others with their man-made handicaps.

Ways to Donate

There are three easy ways to contribute to this program:

Send a check

Same-day service and 24/7 emergency repairs. We’ve got you covered.

Call in a donation

We will cover the processing fees. 202-909-6726

Add a donation to your service

Donate the next time you need service from us.

A detailed receipt will be provided on all transactions for tax purposes.