Trusted Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Stuck?  Won’t Open?  Won’t Close?

We know response time matters!

If you live in Washington DC or Central Maryland and need garage door repair service, the technicians at Capital City Garage Door will quickly make all necessary repairs or replacements to QUICKLY get you up and running again.  Our technicians drive fully stocked trucks, including garage door springs, rollers,  garage door opener parts, and more so we can repair your garage door or garage door opener on the spot.

Garage Door Spring Repair- It is not hard to tell when a spring breaks.  Capital City Garage Door can usually replace your garage door springs within hours of you calling.

Garage Door Opener Repair: We repair all types of garage door openers, including Genie, Liftmaster, Napoleon/Lynx, and more.  We can troubleshoot, repair and replace gears, motors and broken parts, or we can install a completely new opener for you.

Damaged Garage Doors– Did your garage door get hit with a bike, car or mini-van? If you damaged your garage door with your car, know that it is a common occurrence.  We can often repair minor damage by replacing panels or realigning/replacing the tracks.  Minor damage from bikes, balls and the like are even easier to repair.  We can also replace your garage door if the damage is so bad that the door cannot be repaired.  Most damaged garage door repair and replacements are covered by your homeowner’s or auto insurance policy.  We are glad to help you coordinate your insurance claim.

  • Same Day Garage Door Service
  • 24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repairs
  • All Makes & Models of Garage Doors, Openers and Remotes
  • Friendly, Expert Advice
  • Service Throughout Washington, DC Northern VA and Central Maryland
  • Including Rockville, Silver Spring, Laurel, Columbia, Baltimore and surrounding cities


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Typical Garage Door Services

At Capital City Garage Door, every technician is experienced and knowledgeable in carrying out necessary repairs associated with doors and accessories.

Broken Spring Replacement

Leave it to the professionals to replace springs, which must be tightened in a careful process that produces “torsion” to lift a door.

Motors & Drive Gears

Motors and drive gears power openers and lifting mechanisms. Our techs make sure these are in optimum working order.

Opener Repair & Replacement

Our techs check malfunctioning openers to determine if they just need a tune-up or if they need to be replaced.

Door Track Repair

Capital City team members re-align and adjust tracks to promote the smooth raising and lowering of garage doors.

Safety Sensors

Malfunctioning sensors are a safety hazard that should be fixed or replaced. Sensor checks are included in maintenance visits.

Remotes, Keypads, & Accessories

Accessories make garage doors easily useable, if they work. We replace or repair lost or malfunctioning accessories.

Local Experts, Honest Advice

We’ve been in the business for a long time, and we’re experts in the field. We can tell you what works and what doesn’t; what’s a gimmick and what’s straight up. We’ll advise you on what you need and we won’t upsell you on stuff you don’t.

Lifetime Warranty

Many of our products have a lifetime warranty, which means that once we have installed them, your worries are over. Should there ever be a fail or a break or a malfunction, those parts will be covered. We’ve got your back.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Our team stands by ready to help, whether you need guidance in selecting a door, or you’re ready for an installation, or you need a service call.

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